Privacy Policy

Sapphire Digital Health Solutions Inc. is committed to protecting the privacy and security of your personal information. All medical and personal information collected by Sapphire Digital Health Solutions Inc. is used exclusively for the benefit of the client – for faster, safer, more effective healthcare for everyone through innovation…For Life.

Sapphire Privacy Principles

1. Patient consent drives all data handling events.

The consent of clients is required for all transmission events involving our clients’ private medical data. Under no circumstances will a transmission of data occur without client consent and direction.

2. Information transmission activities are solely for the enhancement of our clients’ medical care.

Sapphire Digital Health Solutions Inc. manages private medical data only for the purposes of enhancing client health services and outcomes. At no time will Sapphire Digital Health Solutions Inc.use client information for research, data mining, or biostatistics purposes.

3. Sapphire Digital Health Solutions Inc. specializes in medical information management services.

Sapphire Digital Health Solutions Inc.. manages medical information on behalf of our clients for the purpose of mitigating risk to clients’ service quality and health outcomes resulting from medical data which is: fragmented, inaccurate, and inaccessible at the time medical data is needed most. To this end we collect medical data for the purposes of managing the most comprehensive and accurate physician-designed database available anywhere.

4. Medical data disclosure & transmission is entirely client-directed.

Portal-based data transmission can only occur with the provision (on site implied consent) of a CLIENT ID and PASSWORD to a health professional. In the case on non-portal based transmission, without client instruction, no transmission of any client’s private medical information ever will occur.

5. Transmission events of medical data are protected.

Sapphire Digital Health Solutions Inc. will transmit client data upon client instruction through several secure mechanisms.

Web-based Sapphire portal systems:

Data transmissions via the world wide web utilize the Sapphire Digital Health Solutions Inc. data portal found at: Information transmitted electronically through the portal is accomplished only with a CLIENT ID and PASSWORD – which the client must provide to the health professional or third party to complete. Successful transmissions through this system are encrypted at source, relate documents which contain no client names or identifiers, and record the ISP fingerprint of the downloading computer.

Direct data transmission:

Only under written direction by the client or his/her power of attorney, Sapphire Digital Health Solutions Inc. will transmit private client information to health professionals after acquisition of a health professional license number confirmed to be accurate and active. Third party requests for private medical information will be provided only directly to a Sapphire client – or their power of attorney.

Tertiary data transmission mechanisms:

Sapphire Digital Health Solutions Inc. is pleased to facilitate faster, safer, more effective healthcare for requesting clients by providing their private medical data through other innovative means. These transmission systems and technologies will only be provided to the client themselves or their power of attorney and only upon written instruction. These mechanisms include but are not limited to Sapphire documents for use by hotkey, CD ROM, smartcard systems, and PDA/handheld devices.

6. Storage systems for medical data are secure.

Sapphire-managed private medical data are housed in a high security environment provided by the Waterloo Data Fortress. For more information please review the following link for this important Sapphire strategic partner.

7. Legislative compliance.

Sapphire Digital Health Solutions Inc. complies with all Federal and Provincial legislation regarding the collection, maintenance, and disclosure of private medical information. In addition, Sapphire Healthgroup complies with regulations and policies on health information management from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and The Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons.

8. Responsivity to client privacy concerns.

Transparency of our medical data management activities is important to all of our clients. Please contact Sapphire Digital Health Solutions Inc. at any time with questions regarding our privacy policy at 519.725.5900.